Friday, May 6, 2011

You Know Better Than To Do That!

1. You have been warned more than once not to do that.

2. You know better than to eat that, it isn't good for you.

3. No, you can't buy that!
You have already used up your spare money (if you had any to
begin with) on stuff you really didn't need.

4. You need to apologize. The words you spoke in anger hurt.

5. See that fat around your stomach?
You need to get more exercise.

6. You eat way too many sweets.

7. You watch way too much TV.

8. You are too self-centered;
you don't share what you have been blessed with.

9. Yes, it hurts now, but you would not be in this pain if you
had done what you knew was right from the start.

10. No matter what it is, a kiss from someone you love will make
it better.

These are ten things that I have told my three and six-year-old


Who did you think I was talking to?


Although I have told each of those statements in one form or another
to the six or three-year-old, it is in a far gentler form and with great

The correction of wrong direction is one of the most difficult
portions of parenthood and ministry. Perhaps that is why adults
are so often called "children" in scripture.

~A MountainWings Original~

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