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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drop A Sugar Dependency

Drop A Sugar Dependency With One Of The Following Alternatives • Author: Melissa Landry | Posted in Nutrition

I’ll be the first person to acknowledge the fact that my addiction to sugar is nearly as large as anyone\’s. I place myself on a weekly plan where once or twice weekly, I give myself permission to indulge.
Besides this, I mostly stay somewhat nutritious. This does not keep my love for sweet treats from fading though, and therefore, I frequently find myself looking for alternative methods to sweeten my snack or drink.
The following are a few basic alternatives which you could be in a position to eat instead of sugar. Hopefully they will act to satisfy your needs as you keep the calories downyou curb your calories.
The first one that I will name is one food that you\’ll typically\\commonly come across in foods, & we\’ll usually relish its sweetness. Honey is wholly natural, and keeps things organic if you prefer to use it as your sweetener.
Whether or not you are adding it to snacks or into beverages like iced tea, the natural markup of honey should offer you a healthier means of sweetening your foods.

It’s tasty and it\’s healthy, and there is not a lot which tops the two of these things together with each other
Whether or not you are adding it to snacks or into beverages like iced tea, the natural markup of honey should offer you a healthier means of sweetening your foods.

Finally, a replacement alternative has made its way into the world, and seems to be making waves with a handful medical and weight concerned folks.

Truvia from stevia is making an impact in the health world, & it’s taken from the totally natural stevia plant, making this an organic substitute in comparison to alternative typical artificial sweeteners.

Truvia has taken off in popularity this year, and you may have tried it in one of your drinks. There’s the Sprite Green drink that’s sweetened with the stevia extract, and Vitamin Water 10 features it too. There are a number of other drinks with the sweetener, and the list seems to continue to grow over time.

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This is My Prayer for a Healthier Body and Soul

Dear Father in Heaven, most gracious God, this is my prayer for my life to be healthier in my body and stronger in my spiritual life. It is my goal to magnify You, my Savior, by the way I eat healthy and depend upon You to grow me stronger in your ways that others will see me and want what I have because it is You Lord that is within me!

Now Father, I ask that You break away any dependence that I have on natural bread and fill me with Your Living Bread. Help me to distingush how I am dependent on sugar and yeast products. Give me the strength and will power to eleminate these products from my life. I want to feed on Your Bread and drink Your Living Water.
In Jesus' mighty name. AMEN.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Growing Deeper with Jesus in Missouri

Happy New Year 2010!!!

As we are headed into the New Year, I want to tell you how very much I appreciate you being my guest. Please feel free to post a comment about anything that I put here.

I am so thankful that I am a child of the King!
I am a work in progress for the Masters Hands. He molds me like a potter molds his clay. I have been saved by the blood of Jesus that He shed for me and all of the lost in this world. Some day we all will see Him face to face, what a Glorious day that will be!! I do not want Him to say go away from Me, I know you not!!!
I do not have any regrets as I look back over this past year. Unless there might be one. I have not been as strong as I would like to have been in reaching the lost for Him! That is the reason we have these wonderful Blogs to testify about what a wonderful Saviour Jesus is for us. I pray that if the person reading my comment does not know Jesus as their personal Savior, they would not wait another minute without seeking Him in their life! Our life on earth is so short, but eternity is forever!
I would rather have Jesus forever than earthly things for a little while without Him!!
How about you?