Calhoun Baptist Church News July 22, 2012~

Our Brother Terry Barrow welcomed the Congregation this morning and reported coming events to look forward to and experience Gods love with fellow Christians. The 5th. Sunday is this coming Sunday and we are the Host for the Singspiration, we would like to invite everyone to come to Calhoun Baptist for an evening of fellowship and worship in singing praises to God!
We continue to seek God’s guidance in spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Our church family is working toward having another successful ministry this year at the Calhoun Colt Show. More about this event will be reported latter. In the meantime bring water to share with others as we express Gods love for each one of us through His son Jesus!
Our Minister for the day was Brother Tom Buttram and his wife Shirley. He taught us with words and actions about the Resurrection. He requested that the children be included in the adults services and not go to Children Church, but stay and help him because he had a job for them to do. He wanted everyone to know about the second coming of Jesus and how it will be for those still living and those who have already died in Christ, those who denied Him and those who did not have a chance to choose one way or the other.
He chose the verses in John chapter 11: 21- 27, this is about the death of Lazarus and his resurrection by Jesus. This was to glorify Jesus the son of God.
Then Brother Tom chose these key scriptures in Daniel Ch. 12: 1-3 and Revelations 20: 5-7 to show us how we can be resurrected to everlasting life when we choose to follow Jesus NOW! Christ can make us altogether different kinds of people. We must believe that. "Old things have passed away ... all things have become new" 2 Corinthians 5:17. God can give us the power to live this Christian life through the Holy Spirit.
God is truly with us!

PRAYER CONCERNS: The Family of Gertie Estes~ Families in Colo. Tragedy ~Rusty Cowen ~Pat Kampe & Friend for traveling mercy ~Renee Brooks~ Anna Myrtle Hansen~ Pete Hansen ~Gerald Barrow~ Frances Barrow~ Tom Dirk~ Donald Dirk~ Pray for our Pastor Search Team and the Men and Women in Service of our Country~ You can find
extended Prayer Request on our Bulletin Board.

You are always welcome to come worship with us at Calhoun Baptist Church where God things are always happening!
Singspiration 5th. Sunday, July 29th. @ 7 PM here at Calhoun Baptist~
August 3th. & 4th. School Supplies for area children
( Bottles of water needed for Mission @ Calhoun Colt Show) Aug. 25th. & 26th.
Sunday Morning Fellowship with a light Breakfast 9:30 A.M.
Sunday School 10:00 - A Class for all Ages,
Worship Services 11:00 A.M.
Sunday Evening Bible Study 6:00 P.M.
Youth Group, R.A.'s & G.A.'s Wednesdays at 7 P.M.
We are located 3 blocks off 52 on V Highway
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