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Daves Recovery Part one~

Daves Recovery Part one~

Copied from Hannah Gray, Brother Davids sister:

Published on Sep 7, 2013
Dave's recovery this far!!
Dave is one of the kindest people I know and I do not say that just because he is my brother. He has done work for homeless, he always been willing to help in community service, and if you needed, he would literally give you the shirt off of his back. He gives as God lays on his heart. That is all I would ever ask of a person. Dave is also Pastor at a small church in Calhoun MO. He was washing windows at a hospital on May 27th, his rope snapped, and he fell 50 feet, landing on his feet. He shattered his L3, crushed both heels, broke his tailbone, and did some damage to a nerve sack in his back. When the doctors looked at his back they said it was a miracle that Dave could move or even feel his feet. He has a long road ahead of him and the doctors are hopeful that he will walk again. But that does include lots of nights in the hospital and thus far he has had multiple surgical procedures, and has required ICU admission. As you pray about how God would have you give please keep in mind that he is a pastor of a small church. I will add, that they have huge hearts at Calhoun and my brother Dave is lucky to have a church that prays and cares for their pastor so dearly.