Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Love Dare 40 Day Challenge----Day 31---Junly 19, 2009---Love and Marriage ---Posted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on July 20, 2009 at 12:32am
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.Love and Marriage----Cleaving to one another to be one in all aspects of our marriage.
Most of us do not accomplish this over night. It takes give and take from both you and your spouse. Most of the time it seems as though you are giving more than taking. This relationship called marriage is the most important contract that I ever signed in my entire life. It is a very wise person that takes it seriously enough to break ties with whom ever you were reporting to, such as your parents or who ever raised you. We did not have that problem at all.

We were so fortunate that neather one of our parents tried to interfere with our marriage. When we were young and my husbands parents were alive and active. My husbands mom expected all of us for Sunday dinner every other Sunday. I appreciate this and I did then, but sometimes there are other things that a couple needs to do. After a few years she got used to sharing us with my side of the family. We have been each others best friend. I realize that this is how we have become the the married couple that we are today. We do not fight with each other when we have a disagreement which is not very often. Fussing and fighting has never been a part of our lives together.

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