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The Love Dare 40 Day Challenge----Day 8---May 14, 2009---Love is not Jealous---Posted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on May 14, 2009 at 1:30am
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.Love is not Jealous---I disposed of the negative list this morning. I put it almost at the bottom of the trash bag that is in the trash bin in our kitchen. I did not want him to find it. He would not have been looking for it, though I did tell him that I made two list, one of negitave things about him and one about all of the positive attributes that he has. They were hard for me to write down. He has so many good ones. I am not saying how many negitave ones that I thought about and listed.

So, for todays dare, day number 8!!! When you are retired and your spouse is too. There are not many promotions or challenges conquered. We both do volunteer work, he helps our children work on their projects other than their paying, day time jobs. He works all of the time for no pay and expects nothing in return. I mentioned todays dare and he said, you know when you retire you do not get any promotions and very little increase is salery. Maybe a little yearly raise. We are so blessed by our Heavenly Father.
God supplies all of our needs and a lot of things that we could get by without.
My husband says that I am not selfish or jealous, and I know for sure that he surly isn't selfish or jealous'.
We have been completing each other for a long time now. Our children's friends used to love to come to our house. One stated to me one day. "I always feel the love here in your home". What a wonderful compliment for two people who love each other, trying to raise two young men to be God fearing and respectable. We must always give God all the praise and all of the glory!

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