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A Fresh Start (Perspectives) in 2009 by: ClaudeanPosted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on January 4, 2009 at 10:30pm
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What are perspectives? --- My Sunday School lesson today was all about a fresh start with God.
How many of us have made New Years Resolutions and they have been completely forgotten about by February or March. Well if you start these fresh starts with God in control, you will have a stronger power than your own will power.
--- Do you need a fresh start? The lesson sugested three places we can look for fresh perspectives.

1. Look into the heavens, or at Gods creations in general. We can see the evidence that He exist and is powerful beyond our comprehension.

2. We can find a fresh start by looking inside our Bible, Gods Holy Word. We can gain wisdom on how to live our lives in the best possible ways.

3. We can get a fresh perspective by looking inside our own hearts. We can see sins that we need to confess to God. Receiving Gods forgiviness for our sins is a vital step toward making a fresh start.

--- Just maybe we could make a fresh start in just one area of our lives. Perhaps I could do my daily Bible study more regular than I have in the past year.

---So, just what are perspectives?

---Notes from Claudean, "thats me," will be a regular happening on this page beginning today!
Until next time may God Bless all who read these words.

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