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How Long?Posted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on August 24, 2009 at 12:00am
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I took my son to golf practice today.

The profoundly simple wisdom that comes from a child is amazing.

As he placed the ball on the tee and prepared to hit the ball
onto the driving range, a lady watching my young son from behind
asked him a question.

"How long have you been playing golf?" the lady asked.

"Since I started," my son quickly answered.

I chuckled at first but then a higher meaning came to light.

A MountainWings Moment.

I don't know whether more MountainWings Moments are coming into
my world or whether I am just becoming more sensitive to the
moments around me. This was a MountainWings Moment.

A MountainWings Moment is a moment of insight that transcends
everyday reasoning and takes your spirit above the ordinary.

He had no need to rack his brain trying to ascertain how many
months or days he had been playing golf. At his age, he really
doesn't comprehend months or even weeks.

He lives in the present.

"Since I started."

That's exactly how long you've been a subscriber to

Since you started.

That's exactly how long you've been (fill in the blank).

Since you started.

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry
about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

One of the world's greatest and most well known quotes tells you
not to worry about tomorrow. That also applies to yesterday.

Most of our hurt and pain is because of the memory of yesterday
or the fear of tomorrow.

In reality, my son had just begun playing golf when he placed
the ball on the tee. He didn't care about all of the other
times; he was playing now.

~A MountainWings Original~

**************************************************************** "Wings Over The Mountains of Life

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