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Hey, it is Friday and I just could not resist sharing this with you all!Posted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on October 2, 2009 at 6:00pm
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.Here is Friday's MountianWings Moment: What a wonderful way to end your day!

Happy Landings

When I was in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh,
I would change buses downtown, in front of a place called
"Happy Landings." The logo featured the front end of a smiling

I remember thinking to myself, "Next year, when I have a job,
I can afford to go night clubs like this. Then I'll be happy."

In doing so, I gave myself permission to be miserable in the

I have lived most of my life that way.

When I was 15, I said to myself, "When I get a car, THEN I'll
be happy."

Later, "When we get a bigger house, THEN I'll be happy." And,
"When I get a better job, THEN I'll be happy."

Only recently have I realized that, although I have hopes for
the future, THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Be happy...right now.

Here is what I now do:

When I go to bed, before I fall asleep, I make a list of three
things that I am grateful for that day.

Here is my list from yesterday (simple, little things):

* Listening to the Phillips Craig and Dean CD playing in my
car as I had the roof off waiting for my daughter to get off
work yesterday evening.

* Going with son and other daughter in his Jeep to pick up
dinner at Boston Market.

* Even though I am 52 years old, I still feel like I did in
high school. No aches. No pains. This is truly a miracle that
could be taken away from me at any time. But most days I just
take it for granted.

See what a difference it can make in your life if the last thing
you think about before your drift off to sleep are YOUR

Happy landings!

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