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Ozark, County Missouri 1944,,, Birth Announcement

Ozark, County Missouri 1944,,, Birth AnnouncementPosted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on April 19, 2009 at 11:30pm
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.Birth Announcement:

From their home in Trail Holler,
Ozark County, Missouri,

Mr. and Mrs. John Rue Lamb and two year old Mary Catherine are pleased to announce the birth of baby girl Claudean and twin brother baby boy, John Harrison. The proud parents are sadened to report the death of their precious baby boy John Harrison. He was allowed to be with his earthly father and mother but only a little while, but will forever be in his Heavenly Fathers arms.

When you are the the survivor of twins, you wonder what it would have been like to have grown up with a brother your age. I realize that we are not to question Gods Will that one should live on earth and the other be with Him forever.

Today is my 66th. birthday and what a wonderful life God has allowed me to have here on this earth.
I have had so much happiness and sad times too, there have been many. The joys out weigh them though. So, if we are not careful we might go through life wondering about the what ifs. God does not intend for us to do that when we promise to follow Him all the days of our lives as I have promised Him. So that I may have the assurance of having a Heavenly home some fine day when My Heavenly Father says, welcome home my daughter. He will say well done my good and faithful servant!
Oh, what a glorious day that will be.

Until He calls me home I plan on enjoying life to the fullest each day. I want to follow His commandment by telling everyone about Gods Son Jesus, that He sent to save a world of lost sinners like me.
Romans 3:23 KJV For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

First He came as a Baby; soon He will return as Divine Royalty!

On a very sad day for the rest of the family, on the 20th. day of Febuary the year was 1957, John Harrison welcomed his own sweet mother, Lula Lamb into heaven, her eternal home.
His earthly farther also joined him in his heavenly home on a cold day in December in 1970.

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