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The Love Dare 40 Day Challenge----Day 10---May 15, 2009---Praise and Worship--Posted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on May 15, 2009 at 12:30am
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.Here is my Praise and Worship in song:

His name is Wonderful, His name is Wonderful, His name is Wonderful, Jesus, my Lord!
He is the mighty King, Master of everything. His name is Wonderful, Jesus, my Lord.

He's the Good Shepherd, Rock of all ages,
Almighty God is He;
Bow down before Him,love and adore Him,
His name is Wonderful, Jesus my Lord.

We love because, He first loved us. No greater love is there, than the love that God has for us, although we do not deserve it. We are so unworthy, but He has that unconditional love for us. He sent Love in the form of His Son Jesus... Praise His Holy name!
I choose to love my husband. I am glad to know the word for our unconditional love that my husband and I share. It is agape, Gods love, the kind we recieve from Him and share with others.

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