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The Love Dare 40 Day Challenge----Day 24---June 7, 2009---Love vs. Lust ---Posted by Deanie "CharlesAngel" on June 8, 2009 at 12:00am
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.I am there with you Julie, mine is lusting for food. I would like to blame it all on my husband who loves to eat. He doesn't poke food in my mouth. It is I who eats more than my body really needs to be healthy. I do not know why we think that we must celebrate by eating. That is what we do in our family.
I have decided from this day forward I am eating for good health, not for the pleasure of eating the food because of lust reasons.
I choose to fill my life so full of the love that is God, that I will not have any room for the junk food of lust!

I am going to do this the best that I can and with Gods help I can do anything! By eating healther I will not only be healther, I will be slimmer like I was when I went to work all of the time.

I am moving o to day 25 and tackle its dare.
This is Gods will that I work at this 'LOVE Dare" and become a better servant for His Kingdom!!

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