Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life for Jesus

I love Jesus more than my life its self. I really like to associate with others who beleave in my Lord Jesus!!

I am an active member of Calhoun Baptist Churh.
I am in the choir, I also sing on the Praise Team. I am Flower Arranger and keep approiate flower arrangements through out the church. I am also Librarian.
I have a personal blog called:


I am a born again Christian! I beleave that He has forgiven all of my sins the moment that I accepted Him as my Savior!! I was eleven years old then and He has never failed me. I have fallen short of His Glory many times, therefore I am a work in progress!!! I will work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the world as long as I live or until He returns for His Church which ever is first!! I do this by wittnessing to others by sharing the Bible, Gods infaliable Word. Also by the way I live my life for Him and not only knowing Him, but making Him known!!

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