Monday, June 28, 2010

Sherri's Note

Dear CWTR membership.

I am sorry that I have to be the one to inform you of this situation.

Yesterday (Friday) I received an audio message from Noelle. She is selling CWTR along with TRW. She did not mention in her message that she would be telling you all. Most of her time, energy and information was about TRW and CWA. As a matter of fact CWTR was hardly mentioned at all. I felt as it we were treated as the proverbial step child that just goes in tow where ever the parent drags us without thought of our special needs and situations as a private social network where deeply private information has been shared.

She stated in her messages that TRW and CWTR might be sold jointly to a group called CLASS. I am unaware of this group so I can not help in that area. I assume that this group desires to expand their ministry with TRW and that they would not have the need for the social network of CWTR. I got the feeling because she alluded to the fact they may not be interested in CWTR and stated that it could be can be sold to another individuals. She stated that she had guidelines laid out for TRW that must be accepted by the new owner(s). However she had no such guidelines for CWTR, stating that if it went to another party that it may not be kept as a Christian woman’s private group.

I know we have all placed a lot of personal information on this site and I want you to have an opportunity to delete anything that you feel uncomfortable with being sold as part of this site, or being made public by any new owner(s).

Although I have no idea, and she gave no hint on when this will happen, she did say that it was a final decision stating “I will tell you that I feel great peace about what God revealed and I will not be turning from it.”

After two years of ministry here, because of the way this situation has been handled I have decided that it is time for me to resign my administrative position. My reason for this letter is that I wanted to be completely honest with you and let you know why. I will be moving quickly with the resignation, cleaning my files, posts, and history as well as many other areas here at CWTR that were put in place after Noelle turned administration over to me. As I make deletions many areas may be effected. There will be some discussions deleted and therefore some replies will be deleted also. This will affect you in that some things I delete that you have replied to, will cause your reply to be deleted as well. I am sorry for this inconvenience and for any posts that may get taken with mine upon deletion. This will also happen with all members who seek to remove their personal information, writing, posts and membership. If I run across a discussion of a private nature by past members who are no longer active, I may also delete them as I would want that same curiosity if the situation were reversed.

The reason I am deleting so much is that I am very uncomfortable with this site being sold to someone, or some organization with so much of our members personal information, writings and so fort. Specifically when it may not be kept to the level of privacy we have grown so comfortable with. This is also the reason that I am coming to you personally against the desire of Noelle. I believe you deserve to know and have the same opportunity to protect yourself if you feel so inclined. This being a social network has allowed us to share intimate and private issues with one another in several groups and areas. In my opinion we should be allowed the time to go through and clean up such information. That alone is what I am hope my disclosing this issue brings you.
Secondly, I also assume that whom ever takes over will have a staff that will step in and I would then be asked to resign and give up my administrative access. It is only reasonable to assume that would change with new ownership. I want to be able to get into the areas I need to for a secure deletion of such matters to the best of my knowledge. If I waited to resign I may lose the access needed to make some deletions and help with anything you may need.

If there is anyway I can help you or if you have any questions I will do my best. However please know that I have shared everything I know and feel here with you. Please know that I will do my best to keep this transition as smooth and none evasive or destructive as I possibly can.

May God lead in this according to His will,


  1. Sherri, (and whomever else reads this)
    I hope you will let my comment be posted. Since you have posted about me personally and saying that I said certain things it is not fair not to post the entirety.

    I am first off so so sooo hurt with the way this has been handled. If you remember you are on the Senior Team of TRW which IS Take Root and Write. CWTR has always been a branch of TRW. You are listed on TRW as a Senior Team Member with a page dedicated just to you.

    CWTR has always fallen under TRW. But not in 'importance'

    I sent you a PRIVATE message along with the other SENIOR members of TRW. I sent you a message with my heart and other senior members offered to pray and fast on this past Friday for me to have clarity and direction. The message I sent all the SENIOR members of the team after Friday saying about what I believe God wants me to do was also private. Not meant for the entire community. Or anyone. It was not time to release info, as I wanted to wait for Sho and Sho to decide.

    I OF COURSE will be talking to entire community and magazine ect. I am just shaking at the way you think I would just disperse the communities information or make changes without notifying everyone so they could take action. I feel as if you dont know me at all now. EVERYONES info is safe inside CWTR.

    You would not have been replaced, I would have highly recommended you. Now I feel as if I dont know you. CLASS has not been contacted in any way, and again, this was all private, within the team. I am... well, I just am not going to write more.

    You seriously should have come to me. This is just so sad, and hurts so much. More than anything I have actually ever dealt with online.

    Deanie, I just realized that this is YOUR blog, not Sherri's. I am leaving this here anyway. I hope you saw my message to all in the coffee house this morning. I hope you know Deanie that I would never handle all as is mentioned in Sherri's post. You can ask ANY Senior Team member. I will leave this in His Hands. I hope you will talk to me directly instead of going thru other people.

    Noelle Mena

  2. This is what I posted in the Coffee House this morning...

    Hello to each of you!
    I know you are confused with what is happening here at CWTR. I had not sent out an update as I have been waiting to hear back from Shona and Shonda which I did yesterday. So let me fill you in...

    Over a week ago I sent out an voice message to the senior team members of TRW/CWTR, thats about 10 women. I was ready to surrender all of CWTR/TRW and CWA. It has been a LOT to handle without getting into long drawn out details. I found myself in a place of Lord, something has to give. I haven't been able to give the needed attention to each area and also my family. So the team suggested we prayed and fast all day on this past Friday and seek God for direction. What a blessing, just what I needed. It was a beautiful time and in the end I made the difficult but peaceful decision to to Let go of all of Take Root and Write (the site and the magazine) and also the new Devotions site, along with Christian Women Take Root. I sent out a Voice message to the senior team to share with them.

    Realize that most of these women are directly with TRW/CWTR not CWA. These women, I have worked so closely with the past 2.5 years. Was very very difficult but they in turn had come to the same thoughts,convictions during their time on Friday. I was to now pour my focus into CWA and all that it is. God was very clear and it was very hard for me but at the same time, freeing as no matter how much time I actually spend physically here or any area of TRW, it always is on my mind and pulling at me. Pulling me and my energy in too many different directions. For the women that have spent the most time with me this was very clear and not a real surprise to what God was going to do. CWA and all of the divisions utilizes more of what God has gifted me to do.

    No announcements could be made as I wanted to be able to let all know what exactly was going to happen. I assured in the voice message that all info here would remain safe and I would not let just anyone take it over. My first thoughts were Shona and SHonda taking over TRW and so I let them pray over it the last 5 days as Shona was actually on vacation when all this happened. I had to face the reality that they or someone might want the magazine but not deal with a community. NING has brand new policies going into effect on July 1st but we have until Aug1 to make the final decision. There are no free NINGs anymore except for under 150 people in a community and they lose a lot of perks. (no movies, pictures etc) I have been paying out of my pocket for CWTR for over a year. Its $20 for no google ads, $5 for our own domain, $25 for the extra scripts I have. My family has been through a lot financially the last 3 years and I just cannot keep paying for so many expenses on my own. (also with TRW, $20 for ISSUU, $15.00 for Typepad, and lots of other little things)


  3. ....the rest....
    CWA is a way for me to be in ministry but also bring in some financial contribution. Which we need. And after 2 and a half years of my time, and lots lots lots of my time my hubby is wanting to see more financial income from where my time is going. Any of TRW/CWTR can generate money if someone has the time to focus on just it. This is not where God is leading me.

    I did not take this lightly, have cried before Him for months. Then decided to finally let the team in on my total feelings and then well, you know already. As far as Sherri, she was in on all the emails. I was seriously shocked today when Bev let me know she was gone and deleted everything. I am hoping she did not actually delete but that she left and did not realize all would go with her that she created as admin. I was very hurt that she would just leave without talking with me. I have sent her a voice message right before writing this. I had heard from everyone else on the team. I thought she was ok too, and honestly all was very emotionally draining and I pulled away from all for the weekend and then my hubby decided to take the day off yesterday and I was out with him and Isis. I actually think she unfriended me on Facebook as well as I cant find her anymore. This is very upsetting to me and hurts. She some how missed what we all realized on Friday after prayer and fasting for Direction. I am not judging her. And I am upset and hurt, but not holding some kind of grudge or ill feelings. I just feel terrible that she must be carrying some really bad thoughts about me. Otherwise she would not have handled this the way she has.

    So where does this bring CWTR? Well, Sho and Sho decided yesterday that they do not want to run the magazine. They had recently started their new company StepUP Writing and Speaking Services. They do not see nor feel they can do both. So now starting today will be putting together a formal announcement. All of TRW is ready to switch over to the hands of who God has to take it from where its at to where its supposed to go. KNOW that CWTR is private as far as I would not let just anyone buy it. I will let yall know as soon as I know what is happening.

    The package of TRW is an awesome opportunity for someone who has passion to focus on only it. Im just praying God sends in the women He wants.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me or respond. Part of the reason I am letting all of it go is because I have been so busy that I never have time to just fellowship with any of these amazing women online, which includes each of you. I had to narrow what i do so I can also enjoy the journey.
    Hugs to each of you!

  4. As part of the Senior Team and one of the members who participated in the prayer and fast, I was deeply saddened by the action taken by a member and trusted sr. team member. Noelle has sacrificially, along many sr. team members, incredible amount of personal time to make the beautiful caring and sharing places were have come to know as safe and at home over the past two years. I have grown so much these past to years.

    Noelle loves the members (she has a big heart, and a mothering heart) and would be very careful to protect our privacy. This never once was a concern that I had during the past week and the prayer/fast time.

    Most of you who have had any interaction with Noelle knows she as a heart as big as the state of TX! (sorry I couldn't resist that!)
    And she if very professional, protective, and prudent with her decisions, but most of all she has a heart after God and His desires for her life, her family's life and our life. She desires to see us all become who God created us to be.

    I don't know about you but I have been greatly blessed through CWTR, TRW, and CWA. My life is positively refined unto the Lord due to Noelle being obedient to God's desires He places on her heart, and I see no reason to stop believing God is going to continue to work through and bless us as we keep seeking His will.

    With this said, if anyone has been confused or hurt or troubled through situation I pray that you will surrender what has taken place to God and let Him have His way with making it work for the good of those of us who love Him as we seek to constantly be conformed into the image of Christ Jesus.

    Trust in Him. He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.