Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is the cost?

What is the cost?

A thought came to me the other day. The more I thought about
it, the more serious and thought provoking it became.

Just imagine if you had to pay for the blessings you depend on
for your daily survival or if there were in the hands of some
human being.

1. The breath of life (one intake of air).
Think about it, your air supply tank on your back, it is
running low, so you pull up to the refill station money in
hand and the attendant tells you - I am through for the day.
Or you see a sign that says close for stocktaking, or closed
for repairs comeback next week. Or they are on a nationwide
strike because they feel unappreciated for the work they do
and are not getting enough pay.


Then the thought extended to other areas.
2. A good night sleep
3. Happiness
4. Peace of mind
5. Appetite
6. Digestion
7. To eliminate
8. The functioning of your endocrine glands
9. To be able to see, hear, smell, touch, taste.
(The five senses)
10. The value of good friends
11. The ease with which we can call on our heavenly Father
12. The ability through Him to stay calm in times of trouble.

The list is endless, I am sure you can think of more yourself.
Try it.

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