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Samantha Ryan Chandler / A Love Story…How God Pursued Me and Found Me

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A Book Review by Claudean Brown

A True Story Samantha Ryan Chandler / A Love Story…How God Pursued Me and Found Me
The tale of Samantha Ryan Chandler’s life is evocatively portrayed in her book: A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me. It tells of a life that is as disturbing and unsettling as it is uplifting and, in the end, gratifying. How “A girl from Nowhere, Louisiana” finds her way from such humble beginnings to live and walk amongst presidents and the supremely rich, only to find her trust and faith betrayed by those that she loved and trusted the most. She would be tested to the point where she began to doubt her own sanity and, at the moment of her greatest desperation and doubt, she was found by God and brought back from the brink of hopeless despair.

Blessed with an almost unquenchable optimism and a unique sense of humor, she relates the story of a life that will speak to those who have encountered abuse, unfairness and anguish. Her love for her children and her faith in God carried her through a crucible of fire and in the end, made her a better, stronger person, ready to carry on with a life that is again filled with love, joy and laughter. A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me will both inspire you and touch
your heart.

   A Love Story…How God Pursued Me and Found Me was runnerup in the 2012 National Indie Book Excellence Awards and now carries a sticker on hardbound copies. Samantha Ryan Chandler is also a Contributing Author for Southern Writers Magazine.

   Samantha Website

My review for the book  "A Love Story…How God Pursued Me and Found Me"

 Some people who have grown up with loving parents have no idea what it is like to be abused by the ones who are suspose to love you the most. Samantha tells how she was not taught about God and his ways. In telling her story she writes about how He was looking out for her well being a long time before she knew Him has her Savior and Lord of her life.

 You will like this book, although you might be a little skeptical  about some of the things she writes about that are suppose to be true. It is entirely up to you if you believe the story of her life or not.
 I do know that God is good and when it appeared that He had forgotten her, God was with her all of the time. She has found the plan and purpose God has planned for her and that is a lot more than a lot of folks can say for themselves. 
I especially like the part where she and a friend were co-founders for  a childerns ministry that does so much good for ill children. I would like to visit the land where she was baptized also!

 I will always wonder what her babies real names were. She called them by her own sweet names, instead of their real one. Also her mean husband was called a well known name instead of his real one.
 I would give this book a 10, but I guess I can not go up that far with ratings.
If you believe in God and his Angels you will like this book too!

 From page 78: Never forget to dance. I dance when I am happy but more importantly, I dance when I am sad. It does the heart good to feel this way losing yourself in music.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew

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