Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Strange Birthday Present---MountianWings Originial:

A Strange Birthday Present

It is a strange birthday present.

Today is my mother's birthday. She is 76. People often think
that she is in her 40s. She looks just that young and is
amazingly spry and agile. My mother went with us when I took
my company on a trip to New York. We walked several miles.
Only one other woman could keep up with my mother.

So what was her strange birthday present?

First, there's really not much material that she doesn't have.
Trying to buy something for her is extremely difficult because
she has everything material that she wants. Her gifts have to
be of a different nature to really make an impact.

So I attached her gift in an email.

Was it a gift certificate to a fancy store?

Was it a voucher for an exotic vacation?

Was it a notice of the arrival of flowers or candy?

So what was it?
It was prayers.

Prayers for her?

It was your prayers. Forty-six pages of your prayers.
About the number of years people think is her age.

You see, my mother leads the Wednesday prayer service at our
church. Each week, the prayer team prays over the MountainWings
prayer requests one by one. I pray over them first during the
week and then the team prays over them each Wednesday.

So I attached this week's prayers as I usually do with a Happy
Birthday note.

My mother gets great joy from helping others. She really does.
Perhaps that is one of the things that has preserved her youth
and health. So the attached prayer requests and the opportunity
to go to the Heavenly Father on your account gives my mother joy.

Just as she has diligently prayed over her six sons,

so shall she pray over you.

For the prayers of a righteous mother availeth much.

~A MountainWings Original~

Note: To hear how my mother sounds, go to and
enter her name, Robbie Bronner, in the search box.

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