Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gems of Wisdom from the Hurricanes of Life

Gems of Wisdom from the Hurricanes of Life
by Janet Perez Eckles

Life's events can take us through rough waters, sudden storms, or periods of calm seas. I've experienced them all. And when rating the intensity of storms, my blindness wasn't the worst. But really, do emotional storms have ratings? They all hurt, they all jolt us, and they all cause us to rethink our lives. In my case, these storms propelled me to a higher place. Actually, it's a good place--where the view is clear enough to see God, the Captain in control.

When hurricanes shook the foundation of my world, I threw my arms around the pillar of God's Word. And while fierce winds blasted my face and thunder roared above, nothing could pry me away from holding on to His promises. Then when dark clouds parted and winds died down, I dusted off emotional debris. To my delight, gems of wisdom shone through--gems that had fallen in the midst of the pouring rain. Here are some I collected in the pocket of my heart:

Trust in feelings and emotions, and your path will not be sound; trust in God and God alone, and you'll walk on solid ground.

We know defeat when our feet refuse to step out of the puddle of discouragement.

Pain is like a bucket of water. The longer we hold onto it, the heavier it gets.

More effective than sleeping pills is slipping gratitude into our thoughts.

Forgiveness opens the door to freedom.

Turmoil can boil only when fueled by worry.

Focus not on the real estate you hold but on the One who holds the real state of your destiny.

The green of envy highlights our worst features.

Life tastes better when seasoned with kind words.

Constant work may bring results; but work blended with commitment to God's Word results in sweet peace.

Patience is the muscle that strengthens the soul.

We know compassion only when love is our passion.

Anger visits places where fear dwells.

We miss the beauty ahead when gazing into the rearview mirror of life.

Broken plans are often God's divine detours.

Resentment clogs the pipeline of peace.

A positive attitude is the passport to places where others don't get to travel.

No matter what conditions, circumstances, or cares blow your way; no matter how vehemently you may deny it, God, the Captain of your destiny, has each moment planned, each day designed, and each moment orchestrated by His skillful hand.

Prayer: Gracious Lord, help me trust in You at all times, even during life's storms. And when I'm discouraged, remind me of the many blessings You have already given me. AMEN

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