Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankgiving Thankfulness ABC's Nov. 2nd. C:

Thankgiving Thahkfulness ABC's Nov. 2nd. C:

Nov. 2: C - Most of all I am thankful for Christ who died on a cross for a world of lost sinners like me. He was resurected on the third day and now sits on the Right Hand of God intervening for us. Some day soon He will retrurn for His Church, His beleavers, the redeemed according to His will.
I am thankful for our children, my sweetheart Charles, my friend Carolyn, our town ClintonCalhoun Baptist Churchwhere we worship our Lord with other Christians! As my husband and I traveled to the citywhere our youngest son lives today, we thought of several more that I am not remembering right now. I am so thankful for this community of beleavers where we can share His Love!! Oh,,,I am thankful for baby chicksand cows.

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