Sunday, July 18, 2010

You need to let go~ Now!

Let Go

One day while climbing towards a high cliff a man slipped and
fell over the edge.

Frantic - he grabbed at a branch jutting out from a tree and
yelled out,

"Oh, God, help me."

He looked down while holding on tight and saw only jagged rocks.

Clutching even tighter to the branch he cried out again,

"God...Please help me."

Suddenly he felt God's presence and heard God ask,

"My son, what can I do for you?'

The man, somewhat relieved, answered,

"Please God, help me. Save me."

God said quietly,

"Do you love me?

Do you trust me?

Do you believe in me?"

"Yes, yes, I love you. I trust you and I believe in you,"
the man shouted.

"Well, if indeed you love me, trust me, and believe in me,


With some hesitation and another look below at the jagged rocks,
the man asked,

"Is there anybody else up there I can talk to?"

We often seek other answers when our real answer can only come
when we "Let Go" of some things.

Though the above is an often-told joke, it is a true parable.
So often in counseling, I tell people the same thing.

"You have got to let go. That situation is killing you.
It is killing your peace, your finances, and your future.

You must let go!"

Often they will inwardly feel just as the hanging man asked,

"Is there anybody else that I can talk to, because I am afraid
to let go? I know the situation is killing me, that's why I'm
here. I know that what I am holding on to is destined to die.
I know I cannot fully live while I remain embraced with it.

But I am soooo... afraid.

Afraid that I might fall if I let go."

Like a person on drugs, you often must "come down" before you
can ever get back up. You must fall from one high, to rise to
an entirely different type of high. You must let go of the bad
before you can ever fully embrace the good.

Someone, somewhere, right now is hanging on to something that
you know in your heart is not good for you.

You think the fall will kill you


It won't.

To keep on hanging on will eventually tire you to the point
where you will fall.

There is a big difference between falling because you hung on so
long that you lost your grip, and letting go of a thing in
wisdom, obedience, and faith while there is still strength left.

Wisdom whispers ever so softly for you to let go of the thing
that you know is not good for you.

You need to Let Go.


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