Sunday, July 25, 2010

My prayer for you as you visit my blog, is that you are truly blessed by all that is shared here for you to enjoy!

Sincerely, Deanie

My Joural for Weightloss:

We started our weight loss journey in January. We really did not do very good until we decided to buy the Flat Belly Diet Book. That was almost three months ago. Actually it has been close to four months now. We weigh only once a month and that day is always the 30 day of the month. So, we have only five days until we weigh again. My husband had lossed a total of 21 lbs. last month and I had lossed a total of sixteen lbs.

You can see that this picture is us at Christmas 2009!

We are a very happy couple who enjoys life and we live ours to glorify God. So it is only fitting and proper that we would like to glorify Him by the way we eat.

We simply LOVE TO EAT!

I saw a quote somewhere that I thought was a really good motto for me to go by when it comes to food. Here it is:

"Eat to live, not live to eat."

I have convenced us that it is portion control that helps us loose pounds, along with low fat foods, sugar-free or low sugar foods. We mostly eat fruit for desserts. If I bake a cake I put applesause and/or applebutter in it for replacing the oil. An Anglefood Cake is the best choice if we want cake.

Basically, we eat heart healthy foods, low salt, low fat and trying to due away with artificial sweeteners. They are everywhere! Especially aspertame.

I put the food on our plates. All of the usual things that make us gain pounds we have stopped eating, such as cookies, icecream and pies and cake.

Sunday is our free day when we can eat what we want if we can hold it! I have found that I can not eat as much as I once did, even when I want to let myself.
Today we had lunch at our favorite Mexican Restraunte, El Sambres is the name of it!

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