Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

I would say by now most of you have already had your big dinner celebrating Christmas with your loved ones. We have and we had so many good things to eat. The majority of the food was prepared by yours truly. My dear sweet husband helped all that he could. We have both been sick with an upper respiratory infection. He still coughs so hard that he has remarked that his sides were so sore from all of the coughing. We managed to put on a grand production with the Lords help. He does give us strength when we need it the most.

The meat for the main course was a Smoked Spiral Ham and a Turkey Breast. We fixed all of the family favorites. Mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, my famous dressing and of course the Green Bean Casserole. Almost all of my family likes candied sweet potatoes, so I cooked some of them too. I baked four pies this year for Christmas, which included two Pumpkin and two Pecan. I also baked a Pumpkin Bunt Cake. My two special girls that just happen to be my daughters-in-law always bring some really good food too. One brought home made cookies, candy and Rice Crispy Treats! The other one brought her special Broccli Salad and deviled Eggs. The food was so good, but most of all the good company was the best. We had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' Birthday!!

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