Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Rear View Mirror

When driving along the interstate during rush hour, most of us
keep our eyes on the road and what's ahead of us. Rarely do we
ever keep our eyes on what's behind us and what's to the left or
right of us for more than a few seconds at a time.

Yet, concerning many matters in our lives, we fail to look ahead
and keep driving along.

When faced with some tough and trying times in life, we tend to
look around and look behind instead of looking ahead. We also
allow mistakes to resurface by recalling them. That's driving
by looking in rear view mirror. By wondering 'what if' won't
change the past. Again, we're taking our eyes off of the road

Once you know to where you are going and who you are, you'll
begin to focus on what's ahead of you more often. There is
nothing wrong with remembering the past mistakes, heartaches,
trials, and tribulations.

There is something wrong with living in the past.

You have to keep the faith and stop looking behind you and to
the left or right. You're never going to get ahead by looking
back. If you do, you're liable to have a wreck.

It's time to move forward!

~A MountainWings Original by Britte Blair~

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