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this is what I have found online,,,,I will do research on the author of this page. I learned that the Majority Text is the orginal documents,,,and the Minority Text are the ones that have come latter,,,,,very interesting!!

The phrase “with one accord” found in the Majority Text indicates that the believers in the Jerusalem church were “with one mind” (homothumadon). They were all focused on the apostles’ teaching. There was unity or “like-mindedness” among the 120. The Minority Text reading simply indicates that the disciples were all “together” (omou) as a group. While it is true that the disciples were all together in one place, the Majority Text reading is to be preferred.

When one confesses the extensive ministry of Jesus and the apostles in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, the fact that only 120 Christians were present that day is rather shocking.24, Prior to the coming of the Spirit, the church was a small island in a sea of unbelief and hostility. With Pentecost that was all about to change.

The following website you can read about the author of the page.

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