Monday, January 2, 2012

Rev. Jordan Hodges~Pastor`

Pastor Jordan brought his sermon from the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, beginning with verse 1.
There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

To start off we want to tell you that "GOOD THINGS" are happening at Calhoun Baptist Church!
Good things and bad things are going to happen to each of us this year. They are only temporary, that is a fact we can depend upon. Jesus will make everything right someday. We can have Joy in knowing this, as Christians we can be prepared for anything that happens in the New Year. He has a lot planned for us and in knowing Him we can be prepared to respond to the good and the bad
things that happen in our lives.

2011 was a great year in the Lord, with so many awesome things taking place. We worship God with Fellowship Dinners for just about all of the Christian Holidays. We had a Valentines Day Banquet in February! Valentines Day is about love and God is Love! There was an Easter carry-in dinner and an Egg Hunt for the little ones. It is a guess which have the most fun, the children or the adults!
We have Vacation Bible School every Summer with about hundred in attendance at different times. That is including the children, teachers and helpers. We finish the week with a commencement and party for the children and parents. We have a Bar-B-Q at the Windsor Park in September. We always have a Ministry at the Calhoun Colt Show. The past two years we have had a stand where we have passed out water for Jesus. This years Colt Show the church was blessed to have a Christian Concert after the Community Wide Church Services and Dinner, in which we participate in each year. There is always Trick or Treat Candy for the little ones at Halloween time and of course we are always thankful in November with a Thanksgiving Dinner. We celebrate in December to honor the Reason we get together the other times during the year and that is to worship Jesus.

9:30 Sunday Morning Fellowship,
10:00 Sunday School, 11:00 Worship Services,
6:00 Sunday Evening Bible Study and Children’s Choir
Wednesdays at 7:00 o'clock we have the Youth Group, RA’s and GA’s

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