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~~~"My Basket Woven Shoes" Writerslounge "March Pictorial Inspiration For Fun"~~~

"My Basket Woven Shoes"

I was a very young girl when I was left all alone in this world. My Mother had gotten ill in the night and died from a massive heart attack. This is something that you never forget, thats hearing someone gasping for air when they are dying. My Dad was so grief strickened that we hardly ever talked to each other. I was really not all alone, I had my sisters there with me. They had also lost their Mother. Mary, who was fifteen and was two years older than me and Lucy and Sharion were younger eight and five years old. . I do not know how they felt, but I seemed to just walk around in a daze. As if it all was only a nightmare! Each one handles grief in their own way. We had our chores to do everyday before school and after we got back home. One thing about loosing your Mother at an early age, you have to step up and do work that most children do not have to do. Our Dad was a really good man, a righteous man. He worked very hard cutting timber and hauling logs to the saw mill and lumber to town to sale at the lumber company.


I was getting ready to graduate from the eighth grade. We had graduations from Elementry School back in the 1950"s. My Dad had been to the town near where we lived in the Ozarks. While he was there he bought me a new pair of shoes. They were not like what I always wore, you know those black and white ones that we called saddle oxfords?

They were so beautiful, woven like a basket and in a cream color. I had never had a pair of slippers like that before in all of my life!

I was sitting out on the porch and the sun was shining over my shoulders as I tried that new pair of shoes on. There for a brief moment I could see both my Mothers and Dads shadow on the ground there with mine.

I really and truly had a pair of shoes just like these! What a coincidence!

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