Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deanie's Thankful Thoughts~

When I think about why I am thankful, there are many things that come to my mind. First of all I am thankful for Jesus, my Saviour! He is my everything! Jesus has been with me as I was growing up in a large family where so many of the members of the family did not follow a lifestyle that honored our God and His son Jesus.

I am thankful for my Mom and Dad who took my sisters and me to Sunday School and Church when we were very young, where we learned the the Holy Scriptures. John 3:16 kjv was the first one that I learned. We learned the Lords Prayer and the Ten Commandments. Our folks taught each one of their children the Golden Rule. You know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you? They taught us by example by practicing what they preached.

We were not then and we are not wealthy now with money, but the presence of God's love has always been in our home that makes us richer than anyone with millions of dollars.

I am thankful for the direction of my Lord, He put me in the place where I should be to meet the man that He intended for me to spend my life and raise the family that He had planed for us. With God's guidance and with His grace we raised two fine sons! They have always made us so proud of them.

I am so very thankful for my life this far. I have many, many things for which I am thankful. Do we ever really thank our Heavenly Father enough for our blessings that we recieve, great and small. I am truly not worthy of such a Great Love!

In Christian Love,
Deanie, CharlesAngel

Written for Julie, my friend and sister in Christ Jesus,
Published first time on 5-8-2010 my blog in the Christian Women Take Root Community

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