Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things of the Heart

This is my brother in this photograph with me that my husband took last May. He is the youngest one of four half brothers that I grew up with. He is the only one still living. Their mother died when their youngest sister was born. Their mother died along with the twin brother. This is a little information to fill you in on why I am posting this photograph. There were seven of them three girls and four boys. He along with the twin sister is all that are still living.
My mother and dad had four girls.
Wow,,,you say that is a lot of kids!!
My mom must have loved my dad very much to marry a man with seven children.
We have a Family Reunion every year to honor them. It is always the first Sunday in July. You would be very welcome to stop by and see all of their off-spring!!! Well, a lot of them.

He had heart surgery in December of 2008. There were five by-passes done on his heart. He was very ill and in the hospital for several weeks. The main reason was because his oxygeon level in his blood would not get up to where it needed to be, for it to be safe enough for him to go home.
When we were in the conferance room for the Surgeon to fill us all in on his operation and what his prognosis was for his recovery. He had smoked all of his life. The surgeon said, and I Quote him, Mr Lamb's lungs are filled with emphymsema that he could not see how the bubbles on or in his lungs keep from breaking at any moment.

I have seen him since then, but I do not get to see him as often as I would like to see him because of distance between us.
Praise God!! He was doing so good when we visited him last. He was not smoking and he laughed and joked all the time we were at their home. It will be two years in December since he had his heart operated on for by-pass surgery. I am so thankful that God has healed him like He has done! He gives God the credit for him still being here.
Prayer for his recovery by many beleavers is the reason he is still here and a blessing to me and all of his family. His purpose on this earth has not been fulfilled yet!! He will be wil be 75 years old this month.

This drawing of the old home place where my mothers grandfather lived many years ago
is so dear to my heart!! My mothers baby sister raised her family there and as her niece I spent many happy times there when I was growing up in southern Missouri. It is too bad more of the homesteads have not been kept and preserved. This one that belonged to my great-grandfather has nort been preserved.

First published on my blog in Christian Women Take Root on 2-1-2010

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