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Day 33 & 34 of My 40 Day Character Makeover--Chapter 6--The Making of a Right Relationship to Things

Day 33 & 34 of My 40 Day Character Makeover--Chapter 6--The Making of a Right Relationship to Things~

Thanking God:

The Truth about Contentment is, according to the apostle Paul that contentment is not earned , it is learned---

1). Give Thanks for what you have.

2). Give Thanks for what occupies your time daily.

3). Give Thanks for your circumstances; Rejoice always, Pray Contenually.

There is a Country Song that says it all like the writer does on page 216. The song is sung and recorded by Rickey Skaggs and the Whites, " Love Doesn't get any Better than this". Maybe this does not have anything to do with the price of beans or aything else. The statement that our writer makes is ''Life doesn't get any better than this." You can say this with contentment when you have found some way to thank God for circumstances in your life even when they are painful. We are susposed to give thanks because thankfulness signals to our Heavenly Father that we have complete trust in him.


I am Thankful for the following things in my life.

Yesterday, while my husbsnd and two sons were deer hunting I wrote in my Journal Thankful notes to post here today while they are hunting this afternoon.....


My family is Fantastic! I have posted photos of them on my blog here, that is how proud I am of them! . They mean so much to me, words are so hard to find to tell you about them without bragging on them too much. I also have some other photos of special people in my life. There are two sisters that I am close to relationship wise, that I do not get to see often enough.
I grew up in a very large family. There were a total of four boys and seven girls that we shared the same Dad. His first wife died when my youngest half sister was born, her twin brother also died.
This situation left my Dad with seven children, ages thirteen and under. There were four boys and three girls. I have been told that Grandma's helped him with the care of my sis when she was an infant. Three of my half brothers could not have been very old eather. He managed to keep all the children together with him except my youngest brother stayed with a very dear couple that lived near by them and they helped raise him. All of these childern referred to my mother as mom except the two oldest children.

My Mother married my Dad along with the seven cildren, ( can you imagine?) I am so thankful that she was so Courageous, to have taken on such a large family. She must have loved my Dad very, very much. To this union of marrage there were four little girls born. I am the second child to the oldest making me a middle child, a twin to a brother that died at birth, but I was always made to feel very special. I am so thankful that my folks took us to Church and Sunday School when we were little. I am so thankful that I heard God calling my name when I was eleven years old that night at an old Fashion Revival. I will forever be thankful for the Evangelist whose name was Brother Daryell Friend who seemed to be talking just to me about Salvation. Jesus saved my soul right then and there. If you have had this experience you know what I am talking about. If you have not, today is the day of salvation, do not wait until tomorrow,,for it may not ever come for you here on earth while you can be saved and have eternal life with Jesus and all his Saints.

My Mother, my dear sweet Momma died suddenly in the night, at the age of 51, from a massive heart attack when I was thirteen. Our lives were never the same. My Dad never really got over the loss of his spouses and he might have even blamed himself. He was a wonderful righteous man that also died at an early age of 68 years, from cancer. Stress just may be one of the many causes of cancer.
I thank God for a godly mother and a godly father who lived their lives to the fullest, raising a large family and working too hard, with never having many material things. Gods Love was always there in our home where ever we happened to live. We moved a lot after my folks sold our 80 acre farm in the 50's. My Dad cut timber and hauled logs and lumber. So we moved to where the trees were.
I am so thankful for the experences that I had growing up in a large family! A lot of my older siblings have died already. Only my youngest half brother and youngest half sister are still living. My three sisters and I do not get to see them and each other as often as I would like too. So to sum up just how many remain today of my siblings, one brother and five girls, counting myself.
We have a Family Reunion every year to celebrate family, the first Sunday in July. This takes place in southern Missouri where we all grew up.
My, My folks have a lot of decendants!

Marital State:

I was married to the love of my life on March 28, 1965. We have been best friends for all these years. I can not imagine how many times I have heard my husband or myself say, if it is Gods Will we will do this or we will do that! Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all the rest will follow.

State of Motherhood:

God has blessed us with two of the best sons. Also, two very specal girls that are our daughters-in-law. Our children are not perfect, but they are the Best in this world!
We also have the best Grandson you could ever ask for, who is trying to find himself and his place in this world. It is very hard being a young person these days. He is trying to take college classes and work. Being out on his own, he is finding out that life isn't so easy. I am so thankful for him! We got him when our oldest son fell in love with his mother. We have loved him from the day we met him when he was only six years old. He is our Grandson that we love very much!


My main job through the years has been wife and mother, a homemaker. From a mothers point of view, I think that is the most important job that you can have, being a parent. When our sons were twelve and fouteen years old I started working away from home. I was employed at both of our main Long Term Care Facilities in our city. I worked from the fall of 1980 to the spring of 1998. I worked in the enviomental services at one for 10 1/2 years and the other one for 8 years as an Assistant and Activities Director.
My husband retired from Highway and Transportation Department in 1996 after working there for 34 years. I retired in 1998.


We raised our family in a one hundred year old four room house. In 1998 we had the old house torn down and a new house built in its place. We have lived here for almost 40 years. We live out in the country. Our roots run deep around here. We live less than five miles from where my husband was born and raised with two brothers.

My Hobbies:

I enjoy doing silk flower arranging and creating or designing the flowers for weddings.
I really like my house plants and the flower gardens out doors. I take pictures of just about everything around here, from flowers and butterflys to people if they will let me. My Love and I both like to shop at indoor flea markets and shop at open air flea markets too. We both like to go Crappie fishing on the lake near by where we live. We have a big Jon boat. I must not forget about how much I enjoy my computer and my online friends!


I have generally been in good health most of my life. My arthritis pain has gotten worse the past few years. This causes some uncomfortable days. God will provide.


We attend Church and Sunday School at a little Southern Baptist Church in a small town near by us. The Calhoun Baptist Church is where I sing in the choir and I am one of the Prayer Warriors for our Prayer Chains. We have been active there for several years.


You do not realize just how many friends that you have until your children have a Celebration of Life for you such as the 25th. and 40th. Wedding Anniversary receptions like our children had for us. There are two couples that have been our life long best friends.
We are so blessed!


I beleave that we really do not own anything. Our posessions really belong to God, He just lets us use his things while we are here on earth.
I wrote a poem for my husband for our 25th. Wedding Anniversary. Some lines from it I will share with you here,,,

Charlie and Me

There are many things that I could say, why I love him more everyday. He loves me in spite of all my faults, pillows with me he still likes to toss. When the day is over and the night has come, we both go to sleep with our wedding rings on.

Twenty-Five years have come and gone. We still enjoy this wedded bliss.
We never leave each other without a good-bye kiss.

With Gods Love and Grace from above, we raised two fine sons that we are so proud of.
Through the good times and the bad, many were happy and some were sad.
We have been together.

We are not so rich with money, we have never had to go to bed hungry.
Indeed, we are rich with happiness together, as long as we love and respect each other.

I love Charlie and he loves me, that is the way our lives are susposed to be.
Now and forever Charlie and me.

Written in 1990 by:

Charlie and I have been married almost 44 years! ;~)

Last March 28th. we celebrated our 46th. Wedding Anniversary!

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