Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Pictures for "International Day of Peace" For Amauter Photographer Group~

The brother on the left side of this picture is the only one still living. I took this picture of them from the picture that Richard had on his shelf at his house.

I love my big brothers so very much!!

Francis was in the Navy and the other three were in the Army.

All four of my big brothers served our country during forign wars. Only one of them is still living. This first one is my oldest brother. I had put his flowers by the big memorial stone that is placed for his grave.

Two of them were able to see each other while there. Once when Richard was on leave he went over to where Ray was stationed..

My brother Ray was wounded in his thigh. God took care of them whille they were on the front lines fighting for our country. They got wounded and some of them almost lost their minds. They would not talk much about the war when I was young. My brother Richard gets to talking about it sometimes now.

I am sorry about the bird poo!! LOL....Deanie

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